JoAnn, RDH for 41 years

Kelly, RDH, BS and RF for 14 years

Karie, RDH for 11 years

Megan, RDH for 2 years

Taylor, RDH for 1.5 years

Emily, RDH for 5 years


Mary, LDA, CDA for 39 years

Kay, LDA, CDA for 31 years

Judy, LDA, CDA for 31 years

Sam, LDA, CDA for 3 years

Jen, LDA, CDA for 12 years


Julie, Office Manager for 24 years

Jenna, Patient Coordinator, LDA/CDA for 10 years

Stephanie, Patient Relations and LDA for 10 years

Mary, Patient Relations for 46 years

Marlys, Patient Relations for 43 years

Morgan, Patient Relations