Pat, RDH for 45 years

JoAnn, RDH for 40 years

Carol, RDH for 28 years

Laura, RDH for 23 years

Kelly, RDH, BS and RF for 13 years

Karie, RDH for 10 years


Mary, LDA, CDA for 38 years

Kay, LDA, CDA for 30 years

Judy, LDA, CDA for 30 years

Sam, LDA, CDA for 1 year


Julie, Office Manager for 23 years

Presley, Front desk, LDA/CDA for 10 years

Jenna, Front desk, LDA/CDA for 9 years

Stephanie, Front desk and LDA for 9 years

Mary, Patient relations for 45 years

Marlys, Patient relations for 42 years